Sustainability is more than a passing trend for us at Carmina, it is at the core of everything we do. Our company’s values are deeply rooted in the sustainable fashion movement and we stand for the betterment of our planet and our community.

Our Vision:

Our vision is a future where Sustainable Fashion is a way of life. We would like to see the fashion industry shift from mass pollution and the mistreatment of workers. Carmina wants to be known as a brand that offers thoughtful pieces for the modern world, while helping the community and environment.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to be a leader in creating a fashion industry that puts people and planet first. Reduced waste and offering local opportunities for employment drives our daily work. We are currently leading to a path for zero waste production in all facets of our business.

Changing Fast Fashion

"Fast Fashion" has become too prevalent within the past decades. What started as a trend is now a sad norm which sees the mass manufacturing of clothing lines that will be thrown out and replaced in months and even weeks. The results of this have impacted the environment drastically, as 10% of all global carbon emissions are from the mass-production industry.

When looking at the waste produced from Fast Fashion, consumers typically think the waste result are garments that are worn a few times, don't last, and are thrown out. But what consumers don't see is that the process of producing a garment creates a great deal of waste from tonnes of polluted water from the farming of, treating, dying, and softening fabric to one garment can leave 20-30% fabric wasted in the cutting process.

Carmina looks to fight against the fast fashion trend by having sustainable practices throughout all facets of our company.

Carmina's Sustainability

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Our facility consists of equipment and features which aim to save energy and reduce our carbon footprint. Our servo driven sewing machines saves 60%-80% on energy, while we also use all LED-lighting across our 10,000 square foot facility.

Recycling & Repurposing

We recycle all of our excess textiles by sorting and sending the textiles to plants who turn it into new products. Carmina also does our own repurposing by using large scrap pieces ofoff-cut fabricand using them for items such as bag liners (skilled accents), planter pots, etc.

Healthy Work Environment

At Carmina we  encourage diversity, equality, and inclusion of new Canadians in our workforce. We provide a certified living wage and ergonomic sanctions to ensure all workers at Carmina are in a healthy working enviornment.

Responsible Fashion

Our Modern Essentials collection is made in-house at our facility in London, Ontario, Canada. We choose to use materials that are sustainably produced such as Bamboo, Help, Linen, Tencel and natural fibres.

Carmina By The Numbers


Of scraps diverted from landfill

Fashion With A Purpose

Fashion With a Purpose is an initiative the Carmina brand has created to focus on diverting our scrap materials from the landfill. We are making plant pots out of these materials. Our team have been saving seeds from organic and watching new life grow at our facility!  

This initiative has encouraged staff and the community to compost, plant seeds and support tree planting and growing our own food.