About Carmina

Our founder Carmina Young has been designing and producing garments in London Ontario since 2015. Carmina is a women-owned business that cares about people and the planet as much as we do profit. We pride ourselves on always looking for ways to make our garment production more socially and environmentally sustainable (see our "Sustainability" page),  while still producing high quality garments with precision and care. 

Carmina's production is done 100% in-house at our facility in London Ontario, which allows for quality control throughout the full process of production. This also allows for the ability to monitor our working conditions and wages which is important to our company. Combining our commitment for quality and our dedication to sustainable fashion is what makes Carmina different from other fashion companies. 

CY Health & Covid-19

In 2020 when Covid-19 struck, Carmina answered a call to action when the country was dealing with PPE shortages. From then on, a new branch of Carmina was created as CY Health. CY Health provided and still provides the country with sustainable and high quality PPE to protect our Canadian front line workers.

CY Health proudly holds a Medical Device Establishment License (MDEL) from Health Canada and has produced 750,000+ isolation gowns to date.

The Carmina Manufacturing Facility

At Carmina we like to show transparency into our garment production at our facility in London Ontario. Here we produce our Carmina garments from start to finish by workers who are paid a fair living wage and in ethical working conditions. See the video to the right for a quick tour of our facility.


Business Of The Year - Medium Business (Finalist)

In 2021, Carmina was selected as a finalist in the Medium Business category of the 2021 Business Achievement Awards by the London Chamber of Commerce. 

Welcoming Workplace Award

In 2022, Carmina received the Welcoming Workplace Award from The London & Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership. This award is given to businesses who show initiative in employing Immigrants from abroad and also with gender equality.